The Vision


Gary and I are friends who wanted to affect a more positive, peaceful world by spreading the intention of peace, love, and harmony to as many people as possible.  We believe if everyone was kinder and open to making life joyful and peaceful we could see positive changes start to spread immediately and grow exponentially. Our idea was to launch a website that promotes peace in small and tremendous ways and becomes a movement. Peace 4 The Planet is not only a fitting mantra but a goal millions of people could help us achieve. We have started offering for sale a few peace promoting items to wear and use that show you also feel as we do about spreading peace and love among the people we see every day. We can spread more cooperation and less division in our communities just by being friendly, kind and showing compassion.  This is the vision we want to share with you and hope you will help us spread PEACE.  

As we start to grow it is our intention and goal to donate funds to organizations and communities that are genuinely helping to spread peace and assist others in need to live peaceful and successful lives.

Thank you!
Nish and Gary
Peace 4 The Planet