Becoming Peaceful

There are so many causes, groups, locations, individuals and species of animals that could use our help to attain comfort, health, security, and prosperity.  If you are reading this blog and visiting regularly, it’s likely you want to do what you can to bring more peace in the world and make a big difference that drives humanity toward a bountiful, peaceful and thriving existence.  Sometimes our big vision omits the most important factor in affecting everything around us – you.

Peace starts with you.  Loving yourself deeply, releasing self-judgment and doubts, and having confidence in your capabilities and creativity would bring you a sense of peace and pleasantness. By being in a state of happiness and peace you are able to extend that peace and love outward to people and other living beings, situations and your environment.  Without self-respect and self-love, it is impossible to extend genuine respect and love outwardly.  Martyrs only succeed in suffering.

 I watched a short TED Talk video (a little over nine minutes) by Raymond Tang that inspired me to write this blog post. Until I watched the video I thought Raymond’s message would be his concept of how to be less stressed in life, and it is that, but the concept is much bigger yet very focused.  I hope it will inspire you.

Written by, Nish

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