A Blanket of Hope

Christine Heimerman's A Blanket of Hope Project

One afternoon I was searching the web for some uplifting stories of people taking their own initiative to step out and make a difference for our world. Well, it wasn’t long before I came upon an article about Christine Heimerman. Christine is a glass artist and professor at the University of Texas in Arlington. She is the creator of A Blanket of Hope Public Art Project. A selfless idea that shows the many similarities and imperfections that all living things share.

Christine’s endeavor is to “symbolize a blanket of world peace united by humanity.” Her art is meant to start conversations about peace and its possibilities around the world.

Christine says, “the initial motivation behind this project was to urge people to reflect and act peacefully among each other amidst international despair. These two central ideas fused together to create the Blanket of Hope project."

Check out this inspiring video of a peaceful project! 


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