4Ocean Cleans Up

When searching my Instagram feed an interesting “sponsored video” page was popping up pretty consistently. Generally speaking, if something is displayed as “sponsored” I automatically skip or ignore it. But it was something to do with oceans and since I love all things oceanic, well... my interest was piqued. I clicked on the video and watched young and old working together, they were pulling plastic trash out of the ocean! I loved what they were doing! The organization is 4Ocean.com and they have been selling a bracelet made entirely out of recycled plastic reclaimed from the ocean. The sales of these bracelets funds their operations and local clean-ups all over the world! Yep, one bracelet sold, one pound of plastic trash removed from the sea.

Local clean-ups led by 4Ocean groups have done a great job of educating and bringing together all peoples for a wonderful common goal. Not to mention all of the trash they have collectively picked out of the seas. Check out their blog page for current and past clean-up events.



Hmm, two surfers on vacation were inspired while on their trip to Bali, Indonesia. Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze started 4Ocean in January of 2017. 4Ocean’s mission follows four main and productive principles…ocean sustainability, recycling awareness, creating global economies, and earth preservation. The company’s headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida, the site of the very first pound of trash to be pulled out of the ocean.

What a great organization! Definitely helping to achieve peace 4 the planet.

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